My name is Andrew Stewart and I am a web designer and developer from Seattle, WA. I currently work as a web designer/developer for Dash Platform in Bellevue, WA and have 5 years of experience in the web design/development field. My passion for pixels and code derives from the desire to craft the next big web app that is recognized for it’s outstanding design and usability. I am a fast and creative worker who enjoys working with and learning from others who are just as passionate as I am.

AcuPerfect Websites

Using website analytics to determine what visitors were looking for most, I redesigned the AcuPerfect Websites homepage so that the information visitors are looking for is more readily accessible. I did this by providing a “Get Started” button that would take the visitor to a feature table where they could compare and select a website package. The redesign also made headlines on secondary pages more noticeable so visitors are always aware of where they are on a website.